Saturday, 23 January 2016

My craft room

Hello lovely people,

Dr. Hubby is watching the football so I thought I would take the opportunity to show you my craft room following the redecoration and revamp just after Christmas.

The first step was to paint the walls and naturally, I went for pink!  It's a very soft pink but I absolutely love it and it makes the room feel really bright :-)

This first photo shows the corner that you may have seen on a previous post and the layout of the desk and shelves is unchanged.
We put up a curtain pole, but it's not for curtains as I like as much light to come in as possible.  However, I did want somewhere to hang my bunting!

I must show you a close up of the gorgeous bunting because it was made for me by my talented sister-in-law and I love it!

Everything else in the room is new and all came from Ikea to match the existing desk and shelves.
It's quite a tricky space to furnish since it's not huge and is a slightly odd shape; the room would be square except that it has a smaller square taken out of one corner where the door is.

One of my 2 new cube units is to the right of my desk and I got some lovely bright pink storage boxes to add a pop of colour.  I still need to do a lot of organising of my stash so some of it is a  bit untidy but it's getting there!

Ok, we have now spun round by 180 degrees so you can see the second desk we put in, my second cube unit and lots more drawers.  This half of the room was all bookshelves before, which we moved to another room so I could have the whole room for crafting :-)

This second desk is unbelievably useful as I have my laptop on it so even if the main desk is covered with crafting projects, I can still get some work done or write my blog posts on the back desk.

I also do my die cutting on this smaller desk so you can see my Tonic Tangerine on the floor under the desk and my Cricut on top.

I was particularly excited to have 2 new shelves above the back desk, purely for displaying lovely handmade things that people have sent me :-)

Right now it is still full of the beautiful handmade Christmas cards I received...and 1 wedding anniversary card!

I plan to switch these out every now and then for other cards or handmade gifts so I can give them all the appreciation they deserve.

I am so delighted with my new crafting space and am very grateful to Dr. Hubby for his help in getting it just how I wanted :-)
I hope you enjoyed a little peek into it!

Now to go and make a lovely crafty mess on that's looking far too tidy on those photos!
I hope you are all having wonderful weekends whatever you are up to :-)

Thanks for visiting and I really appreciate any comments that you leave,


  1. I have craft room envy! Your craft space is fabulous - and very tidy too.
    Kath x

  2. How spooky - I am just in the process of getting my craft room done up too. I have the same Ikea set of drawers and small desk top as you, and also the same type of cube storage but in the gloss red :-)

    Your looks lovely and I am really looking forward to when mine is finished too.....maybe I will have to post some pictures as well. :-)

    Sharon x

  3. Hi Kat
    Looks fabulous ... You have lots of storage space... Love the bunting....
    Hugs Sylvie xx

  4. This is looking fab, all so tidy. I have those cube shelves too, perfect for separating my stash, but mine are not so tidy!!!! Enjoy using your room. Elaine

  5. Your room looks fab, a lovely light and creative space. And so tidy :D
    I'm with you on the curtains issue, they do block a lot of light even when they're open.
    Hope you have many hours of fun in here.
    Katrina xx

  6. Kat, I NEED this room!!!! LOVE it! Looks like it's perfectly organized to me and know it's going to be a pleasure to work in.
    Sorry I haven't been around.....slowly easing back in a little now.

  7. Dear Kat, what a fabulous room for being creative in - I love it. (Mine is Ikea based too I love the cube storage because it hides the clutter - well mine does)! Your bunting is gorgeous and I really like your shelves, quite overwhelmed to spot a couple of cards I recognise up there!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend getting inky in your lovely new room. Ooooh and not that I want to lead you astray but I am so over the moon with my Silhouette portrait that I rally wish I had splashed out and gone for the Cameo! I LOVE it, I can not believe half of what it can do!

    love from

  8. A lovely workspace Kat, love the pretty colour on the walls and the great storage xx

  9. Very organised, mine looks like a bomb site x

  10. I am so happy for you (kinda jealous too, but the happiness it overwhelming it)! What a wonderful, organized place to create beautiful little pieces of joy!

  11. It all looks fab Kat. Organised space and tidy.
    Happy crafting x

  12. It looks so clean and fresh...very tidy too! Very well laid out and organised......almost too nice to use!!

  13. Your new craft room looks lovely Kat, very organised and tidy. Mine looks quite the opposite at the moment :/
    You have created a tranquil creative space for you to work in and there's nothing better than Ikea units for storage I think. I wouldn't be without mine, they are so versatile and hold a lot of stuff. I'm sure you will love creating in there even more than before.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  14. Looks lovely. Nice to see my Christmas card on display. I have. Blind at my window as I do like to pull it when it is dark but I have my bunting on another wall. Love your bunting too x

  15. Your craft room looks fab Kat, I have been dying for you to share pictures ! I have the bigger of your Ikea desks too but with a black top but at the moment the rest of the room is in a total mess as I started sorting it a few weeks ago and came to a bit of a standstill, must get it finished (especially now seeing your lovely tidy space lol)
    I love bunting and yours looks gorgeous, also love the wooden tray on your desk with all of your tools etc.
    Hugs, Kaz x

  16. Great use of space Kat, it looks fabulous and so organised . Hugs Jennifer xx

  17. A fabulous craft space Kat, I love it.
    Deborah A

  18. This is fab! Love all the storage and how organised you are!
    I've decided I want to have a clear out in my room and turn it more craft friendly - get rid of a lot of my old clothes I've kept exactly where they were since I got really ill but it's been 4 years now and doesn't look like I will be able to wear any normal clothes for many years still! So I need craft storage units etc!
    Are all the ikea stuff decent quality? Are they lightweight to pull out draws etc? As I can't use any strength at all!
    Also how do you organise your stamps? Can you get a pic maybe?
    Prob should have said all this via FB messenger lol you can message me back there when you get time if you don't mind :-) xx
    Lucy x

  19. Oh wow............ so organised and so tidy!!! I want to come and play on your second desk!! hehe!

    Big hugs
    Christine x

  20. Oooh so neat and tidy and I love the pink. I love seeing how other people organise their crafting stash, it's lovely to see yours Kat. And I'm so proud to see a card that I recognise on your shelf too. :0)

  21. Love love love your crafty space Kat - all so beautifully neat and tidy.
    Thrilled to see a couple of my makes made it onto the display shelf.
    Debs xx

  22. Just seen this Kat, it looks lovely and such perfect use of the space, it looks very similar size and shape to mine, which i am in the middle of trying to redesign.
    The bunting is lovely and i love the display shelfs.
    Take care and have a great day xxx

  23. Scrolling through your blog as I have not been online much... LOVE your photos and love all the fabulous things and your room and stash so tidy!

    The bunting is lovely and it's great to see its handmade too! yay!

    LOVE LOVE your shelves and love seeing all your cards LOVE that I can see mine there too! :)
    hugs me xx

  24. Ooh I'm so excited for you Kat, what a gorgeous space! Love all the matching storage, the pretty pink details and I love, love, LOVE the two shelves at the back with all the pretty handmade cards. Just what a happy craft room needs! I was gutted when we came home from the UK, not to have time to do that one extra trip to Ikea to get the craft drawers I wanted. But my darling pal is just coming back from the UK visiting family with her bub and is bringing me back some! So I'm super duper excited. I so wish Ikea would come to NZ!! Your space is perfect and so inspiring to see all the lovely details especially your gorgeous bunting. What a fabulous gift from your SIL. Big hugs, Wends x


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