Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Make a wish

Hello lovely people,

That was me coming back to Earth because I have actually been to work for the last 2 days!
I haven't quite finished my year off but thought it was a good idea to work a few days before going back properly just to get back into the swing of things.
So, I am working 2 days a week for 3 weeks before another 2 weeks off and then back to normal working - eeeek!

That is one reason I am later posting this than I intended, and the other is that I got a little distracted by the Olympics for the last couple of nights...well, it's all just too exciting!

I do have a project to share with you though, using some gorgeous goodies from The Ribbon Girl and I was in my shabby chic place again when creating this.

Shabby chic make a wish card with candles

This started off as a totally different design but it was not going well so I scrapped it and picked out this sentiment stamp, which led me to thinking about candles and before I knew it, I had completely snatched this card from the jaws of failure - yay!

The original design had some cheesecloth which didn't make the final cut, but I added some Frantage instead...still a good shabby chic staple!

Shabby chic make a wish card with candles

The candles are simply rolls of paper with a teeny snippet of twine inside.  This is something I have done before but more as a focal point rather than an embellishment.
I think these are so super cute!

Shabby chic make a wish card with candles

I hope your week is going well, whatever you may be up to :-)

Don't forget that there is a fab giveaway over on The Ribbon Girl blog and also 15% off the whole store to celebrate their 6th on the pic below to go straight there and enjoy!

Thanks for visiting and I really appreciate any comments that you leave,

The Ribbon Girl products;
Maja Design Vintage Spring Basics 6x6" paper pad
Irene lace (discontinued but Ivory Matilda still available)
Ivory button twine
Ivory 10mm open roses
Ivory 20mm open roses
Star charm
Bakers Divine twine (ivory/natural)

Other products;
Other flowers: from stash
Frantage - Stampendous chunky white


  1. I love this style of card and your candles are a great idea, may copy that. Love the neutral colours

  2. Love your card, isn't it great when you manage to turn around a card destined for the bin and make it work after all? Cheesecloth can be a tricky little so and so sometimes, I don't use it on every shabby chic or vintage card, even if i originally plan to, because sometimes you just can't get it to look right. I think if I were to use it on this card it would only be a very small amount under the flowers to give a slightly floaty and soft effect, but it doesn't really need it. I adore the little candles you have made and they look very cute on your design, I must admit I'm thinking I may steal them later lol!
    It is a little bit of a shock getting back to work after a long time away, I can remember when I did after my time away living in France, but at the same time I was sooooo ready to get back to it also. At least you have a phased return which should make it less of a shock to your system! :) xx

  3. Like you, I can't quite believe that it has been a year and now it's time for you to return to work.
    Lovely shabby chic card, those candles are great with that sentiment.

  4. Oh and what a rescue this is! Utterly gorgeous, and I adore those candles! That sentiment is one of my faves to use too.

    And good luck with the back to work thing! Between having kids and illness I've been in and out of work several times over the years, and I usually found I handled it fine for the first few weeks, and then, once the novelty had worn off, it would hit! Building it up a little at a time seems like a very sensible way of doing it! x

  5. Great rescue card Kat and I love your candles!

  6. So pretty as always xxx gosh your year off has flown by!!!

  7. Wow absolutely gorgeous. Love the design x

  8. Your card is fabulous as always Kat... perfectly shabby chic with the frantage, and who cares about the lack of cheesecloth.... only you knew that you would have used it! And I'm LOVING those candles - what a clever idea!!

    My goodness.... your return to work must have been a shock to the system - but good that you're only doing two days a week for a little while.

    Big hugs
    Christine x

  9. On fabulous card rising like a phoenix out of the ashes of one failure. Beautiful shabby chic card and I just love how you have made the candles. Hugs Jennifer xx

  10. Fabulous card Kat and the little candles are wonderful..always love your stitched layers and shabby chic design..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  11. A beautiful card Kat and I think I wouldn't mind doing 2 day working weeks. But permanently, not just for 3 weeks! xx

  12. Absolutely beautiful Kat, love the candles such a fab idea !!!

    The year has gone quick hasn't it, but at least phasing it back should be less of a shock to the system.
    Sending hugs xxxx

  13. Another gorgeous card Kat so love those candles too! they are the cutest thing! hugs me xx

  14. Aww those candles really are cute!! What a fab idea! Gorgeous card! And oh 'ek not euro already!! That year went quick!
    Lucy x

  15. Kat I love how your card turned out. I have often started with a set design in mind and it's morphed into something completely different, it's gorgeous, so well done you! Love those wee candles, that is super clever and looks fabulous. Love that delish cotton lace and your frantage touches. Gorgeous!! Hugs, Wends xoxo


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